Family Outing

Beat the California heat by taking a family outing on this spacious and luxurious vessel. The Scarlet Witch is perfect to accommodate your entire family for a fun filled day. Your family can enjoy a variety of activities on the Delta or near by Lakes. Try tubing, wakeboarding or anchoring on a remote beach and enjoy a private setting with your family. You can also invite a large family of 20 or more and take turns enjoying everything the Scarlet Witch has to offer.

Wake Tubing

Wake tubing is an activity that both the young and old can enjoy, together. Wake tubing allows you to travel at a speed that allows you to feel comfortable. Wake tubing is easy and immediately fun for first timers, kids, and less athletic people. Wake tubing does not require smooth water conditions to be enjoyable, in fact, windy wavy days can be even more fun. Wake tubing doesn’t require as much agility, balance, endurance and strength as waterskiing or wakeboarding. Wake tubing is a great way to experience a similar excitement level to waterskiing and wakeboarding without straining yourself. Pick from our two tubes or try both.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Cruise

Come and enjoy your Bachelor or Bachelorette Cruise on the Delta. Bring your favorite beverages and enjoy the cool breeze of the delta while having a USCG Licensed Captain at the helm. Take advantage of the many locations on the Delta like Windmill Cove, Garlic Brothers, Discovery Bay and many more. Your party and you can make stop and unwind.


Wakeboarding is a fun, exhilarating water sport. It does not take long to learn. You can get up on your board and start gliding across the wake in no time. We provide 4 different wakeboards to accommodate all ages. It can be difficult at first and physically demanding but extremely fun once you get the hang of it. We recommend calm waters for beginners.

Birthday Party

Try something different this summer. Whether you are celebrating your 50th birthday or your 10th birthday or anything in between. Celebrate by taking a watersport charter on a Lake or the Delta. Bring your favorite juice box or your favorite adult beverage and let Captain T and Scarlet Witch show you a good time. Stay cool on a beach, wake tubing, diving off the boat or wakeboarding. You choose your activity, schedule and location.

Photo Shoot

Book the luxurious, gorgeous and sexy Scarlet Witch for a photo shoot. We recommend using Erik Valdes ( Take family photos, quincinera, graduation, portfolio, or birthday photos. Whatever the occasion the Scarlet Witch makes for great background, and she can take you to locations not accessible on land.

Romantic Outing

Grab your favorite wine and book your romantic outing on the Scarlet Witch. Your loved one and you can enjoy a light cruise down the delta while you enjoy each other. Book an evening cruise and enjoy the sunset on the water. If you are feeling up for it, you can even pick a beautiful location and propose while having close friends or family with you. The Scarlet Witch is also a great choice for double or triple dates. Let your imagination take over and let us try and accommodate you.

Evening Rides with RGB Deck and Water Lighting

Join Captain T and Scarlet Witch during a hot summer evening and take advantage of her beautiful and sexy RGB Deck and Water Lighting. Skip the sun and welcome the moonlight and stars. Time it right and watch the Stockton Ports launch Fire Works from the water while enjoying the evening delta breeze.

Relaxing Tour on the Delta

Take a relaxing tour on the Delta. Pick your time, destination, and kick back. Bring your favorite drink, snack, and let Captain T and Scarlet Witch take you down the numerous waterways the Delta has to offer. Swing by the Downtown Marina, Stockton Port and catch some sea lions. Visit bars, restaurants, and beaches along the Delta without the responsibility and stress of driving the boat. There is nothing like just relaxing on the water and letting your troubles float away.